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        The Best E Liquid Buying Guide for e cigarette 2014

        Writer:LucasDate:2014年3月20日 15:36

        This year , whenever you feel the need to start using e - CIGS, look e liquids used in order to ensure a safe purchase. Here are the best buying guide and tips for those who are considering the use of electronic CIGS in 2014.

        1 . How much does the e liquid nicotine is included ? Is it safe to use ?

        Each measurement electronics manufacturers generally use e liquid nicotine content mg ml e liquid nicotine . 18mg/ml means that it has 18 mg per ml of e liquid . Manufacturers can use to control the nicotine in the e liquid . Today, some of the e liquid does not contain nicotine are quite satiate the taste buds . It is safe, so it is smoke, to satisfy your nicotine habit.

        2 . Nicotine e liquid used , it is similar to the traditional use of nicotine in the product ?

        One of our friends have asked us about the use of e liquid and our answer to his apt . We say that is a measure of the amount of use and the amount of nicotine in the e liquid . The apparatus for heating a e liquid and a vapor conversion . Some inhalation of vapors and others just blown out . Brain barrier to reach the brain - the absorption of nicotine through the blood through the blood and tissue .

        You can not measure the use of tobacco in traditional products or how much enters the body . Tobacco is the amount absorbed by the body depends on many factors . How you eat into your puffs ( smoking ) , chewing ( chewing tobacco ) , or put it in the nose ( snuff ) . Chewing tobacco or smoking more than you have to take snuffs physical effects worse .

        3 . Why do manufacturers use e liquid flavor ?

        If you want to leave a cigarette smoker then this guide is essential because it solved a big check on the use of spices in the electronic CIGS . Why do manufacturers use so many flavors ? Manufacturers use a food flavor seasoning . FDA approval of its form most used for human consumption, e liquid or solid , but some people may not be approved for consumption in the form of steam .

        4 . The e liquid can put an end to the use of electronic smoking habit ?

        E- CIGS devices do not quit . They are just for those who have a nicotine delivery system , which helps replace the physical effects of inhalation of cigarette addiction strong alternative .

        5. Smoking is not healthy enough to CIGS and e liquid ?

        Smoke can cause health hazards , as it leads to lung cancer, heart disease, and other lung diseases. Official 'm not sure if it is safe to use e- e liquid or unsafe in electronic CIGS. Like other tobacco products , e- e liquid does not contain additives . However , it is safe to use than traditional cigarettes toxic chemicals in 4000 . It is an electronic e liquid close accuracy and knowledge of consumer choice.

        6. What is e liquid , we would recommend for electronic cigarettes ?

        We recommend that users with pure vegetable glycerin , 99% pure nicotine and other ingredients appropriate proportion of pure e liquid . Avoid sugar, oil , sugar or fruit flavored e liquid. Smokers looking for a good choice , be sure to try the E-CIGS.

        Let your family happiness , taken the resolution to leave the tobacco in this celebration for a healthy life .

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